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Hello OAuth Oct. 16th 2015

So the Innovation Fellows talked about building a UDel app called 20000 pitches. In which every student comes up with a 1-minute pitch. Not for a company persay but something compelling, to do service, or get a tattoo or whatever. The pitches could be put online, maybe vine, maybe text, who knows. Then maybe upvoted and classified by graders.

So last week we talked about data storage and access using a REST API. This week let's talk about authentication using OAuth 2.0 (letting your users log in with their gmail accounts).

I was hoping to give a run-through on logging in through UDel's CAS, but the process involves getting approval from 5-6 University administrators for your app so we'll do that once a product is nearly done. For now we can just do gmail and confirm that the address is

Client-Side Auth

For this tutorial I want to walk you through creating the following:

Which you can see running (today only) at

The goal of this simple page is to allow a user to login using their gmail account, and when they succeed to trigger a function in our web page which gets some basic information about the person. This sample site was made by following the steps at (and adding a tiny bit of shine):

Make it happen!

Server Side Verification

Check out using a token to verify a google user on the server at: our hello app's source code on cloud9